man and woman-exegesis of biblical texts

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Article 3. Note: My newer Article 7. in many ways supercedes this article 3. The relationship of the terms “adam” and “ha-adam”. When is it “Adam”, or “the man”, or “mankind”? Which are we to use and when? PLEASE READ THE ARTICLES ON GENESIS 1 AND GENESIS 2 FIRST.

In my articles on Genesis 1 & 2 I argue that the question posed by Genesis 1:26,27 is “how can “Adam – ha-adam” be both singular and plural?”. And the answer given in Genesis 2 is by the fact that “woman – ishah” is made “out of “Adam ha-adam” who is an “man – ish”. So, “Adam ha-adam” remains an

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Article 2. Genesis 2 The solution to the riddles of Genesis 1:26-27. How the creation of woman makes Groundy the groundy the image of God.

We left the text of Genesis 1 with two similar riddles, one in regard to man (or more correctly Groundy the groundy) and the other in regard to God. They both asked “how can a singular be a plural?” How can God be both singular and plural? How can Groundy the groundy be both singular and plural? Both questions were

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THE UNCREATION OF ADAM and THE MAKING OF GOD IN OUR IMAGE Seeking to understand what the Bible says about man and woman in the image of God. Application Introduction. This article is predominantly exegetical as its aim is to understand what the Bible says. However, in the Title I could not help myself, but to express what seems to